C# display decimal without trailing zeros!
How to display decimals in C# without trailing zeros? Well, there are a couple of options. First of all, how many decimals do you want to show? Do you want to show 0, 1, 2, etc. Well the easy way to do it is just like this!

var decimalList = new List<decimal> { 10, 20.00m, 30.5m, 40.5000m, 50.125m, 60.12500m, 70.123456789123m, 0.000m };
foreach (var decimalValue in decimalList)

// Output
// 10
// 20
// 30,5
// 40,5
// 50,125
// 60,125
// 70,123456789
// 0

// Output
// 0

In the code example above, the hashtags (#) means how many decimal places the number will round to. So simply said, if you need 2 decimals, use 2 hashtags, if you want 0 decimals, use “0.” or just simply “0”

C# display decimal without trailing zeros
C# display decimal without trailing zeros

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