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Welcome to FitClock, your ultimate stretch timer interval timer workout companion meticulously designed to enhance your fitness journey! FitClock isn’t just a workout timer – it’s your dedicated fitness partner, offering precision, customization, and motivation across diverse workout regimens.

Use as a stretching timer, fighting timer, general timer, interval timer, CrossFit timer and all other kinds of timing activities you might need!

Very low battery usage!

Stretch timer counts each second like no other app.

The Stretch timer app is simple, reliable, and clean.

It is perfect for every timing games, sports, workouts such as CrossFit, fighting, stretching, Jiu-jitsu, MMA, and fitness class.

There is no need for you to count seconds anymore, stretch timer will do it all for you!


  • Simple timer with rounds, time and rest time.
  • Quick start/stop button.
  • Pause function
  • Simple yet elegant design.
  • The lightweight app opens instantly.
  • Quickly select preset times.
  • Efficient countdown along with rest timing.
  • Easy to set time, rest and intervals for your exercises, sports or games.

How to use the app Stretch Timer?
It’s very lightweight and easy to use. All you need to do is set the rounds, time in minutes and/or seconds, the rest time and touch the start button. Stretch Timer will start and gives you the rounds you asked for, or you can even set unlimited rounds, and it will only stop when you ask it to. Each round will consist of time you require either it is one second or few minutes, each round will end on your required minutes and seconds. Also, one essential element of the stretch timer app is the rest time, between each round. The timer will give you a rest according to your requirement. That is why you don’t need to set the timer again and again, click and hold your mobile and keep an eye on it. Everything will happen automatically and flow efficiently.
It will also alert you with sound at the end of each round and at the end of each rest round, even if you minimize the app or listening to music.

Why is the Stretch Timer App the best timer app?
Unlike many other fancy apps, Stretch Timer is quite simple yet perform the sophisticated task of counting your time. As many timers require manual interference, this app operates itself and is easy to use. You get to select the rest time as well which is useful in stretching, fighting, Jiu-jitsu, MMA, CrossFit, gym workouts and fitness classes when you are busy in the activity and there is no one to manage the timer. Therefore even if you are exercising by yourself and want to have sets and rounds of push up, squats, Pilates, stretching, fighting, Jiu-jitsu, MMA, CrossFit, gym workouts or fitness classes, Stretch Timer is the best choice for you. It is also ideal for weight lifting, HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training). Instead of having a person with a stopwatch, ringing the bell after every round, this app will do it all for you.
One additional feature of Stretch timer App is it has a beep sound to notify that your time is about to end so that you know that round is going to be over.
If you want to set the rounds one after another without any rest then you can also choose rest of 0 seconds which gives the timer a flow of counting time.
Stretch timer is an ideal app for sprint timing, Tabata timer, resistance training, weight lifting timer, Calisthenics, lifting, endurance timer, study timer, revision timer, homework timer, cooking timer or baking timer as well as pull-up timer, sit-up timer, push-up timer, interval timer and cooldown timer.
Since it requires no new gadget outside of your phone, it is a safe gym equipment and you can use it while listening to music!

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