Litium Text Option importer/export panel

Litium Text Option Importer
Litium Text Option Importer

Link to source code:

Steps to Install and Use (Steps for the Litium Accelerator)

Litium Text Option importer/export is made for the litium accelerator, but should work without the accelerator. But you need to add the files to your specific locations.

  1. Download ExcelDataReader And EPPlus(Version: with NUGET into the project you place TextOptionImportController.cs (Most likley Litium.Accelerator.Mvc)
  2. Copy all files in the Repo into the project.i. Change namespaces if you need to add them to extension projects.
  3. Add this key to your appSettings in web.config <add key="TextOptionExportPath" value="C:\Project\Files\TextOptionExport\" />
  4. Build the project.
  5. Create a page in the CMS with the url “Panels/TextOptionImport”. And add describing texts if needed.i. Or change to prefered URL here:
  6. Check if the new panel is added in the PIM.i. The panel can be placed under different Areas by changing “ProductArea” here:
  7. You can now use the panel. The files can’t be to large! (Around 2mb, but it should not be a problem for Text Options, and only 2 columns in the Excel.)
    1. Value is the translation and will be put into the cultures en-US and sv-SE. Dynamic support for language will come.
    2. Important: The Key and Value has to be on the first row of the Excel and starts with Uppercase!
    3. Important: The content of the excel file has to look like one of these 2 (Multiple of the same is OK, multiples will be ignored):
ThirdPartyThird Party
FrayedWell worn
ThirdPartyThird PartyTredjepart
FrayedWell wornAnvänd

Checkout the Example Excel for all Languages or the Example Excel for Specific Languages

Link to source code:

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