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Create file in C#

How to create a file in C#

To create a file in C#, all you need is one line. But unlike creating a directory, you have to check if the file exists. If you don’t check if the file exists, the first file will be overwritten. So if you run the line below 2 times, the first file will be overwritten.The method
Create directory in C#

How to create a directory in C#

To create a directory in C#, all you need is one line. Because the method CreateDirectory will create directories or folders, all the way down the tree. So this means that you don’t need to make any if statments to check if the directory exists. The method CreateDirectory will do that for you. Using the
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Write lines to a text file in C#

So do you need to write lines to a text file in C#? Well you’re in luck, here is the really simple way to write text line in C#.In the example below here. I will show how to create a comma-separated values (CSV) file in C# with just a couple of simple lines. And it’s
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Litium Text Option importer/export panel

Link to source code: Steps to Install and Use (Steps for the Litium Accelerator) Litium Text Option importer/export is made for the litium accelerator, but should work without the accelerator. But you need to add the files to your specific locations. Download ExcelDataReader And EPPlus(Version: with NUGET into the project you place TextOptionImportController.cs (Most likley Litium.Accelerator.Mvc) Copy all files in
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Transform a Web.config file in Azure Devops

So do you need to transform a web.config file in azure devops? So here is how you do it! First of all, add the task named “File transform”. After that you select “XML transformation”. The important parts are the transformation rules and how you set up the config files in Visual Studio. So what you